About Us

The Captain School Key West is owned and operated by Dr. Mark and Kim Woods.  We formed our School in  2013, after Mark retired from the Florida Keys Community College as Program Director of Marine Engineering.  Our main classroom is located in Key West, FL.  We also provide specialized professional training for:

Navy (Small Boat Teams)

Army (Special Forces)

FBI (Hostage Recovery Team)

National Parks and Services

Metson Marine Services Group and many more.

We are available for all of your contract training needs!

Mark is also Retired Navy Diver and Nuclear Submariner. Mark has owned and operated  dive charter businesses since 1995 in Guam, Washington State, South Carolina, Chicago and the Florida Keys.  Mark has a PhD in Adult Education with  a Masters in Learning and Teaching with Technology and a MBA.  Mark has also been a Curriculum  and Content Evaluator with the American Counsel on Education for over 10 years. Mark has lived in the keys since 2005. His wife, Kim is a Network Engineer that also became a Charter Captain in 2007. She has owned/ operated a fishing/ snorkeling charter business in the Florida Keys for 12 years. She has lived in the Keys since 2001.

Mark and Kim’s mission is to provide a learning experience that all levels of mariners can benefit.   Our motto, ‘Mentoring the Modern Mariner’ applies to all levels of marine: military, commercial, and recreational.

For more information, please contact
Captain Kim Woods at 305-481-6981
and we are on Facebook too!

We are mentoring the modern mariner!