Masters Upgrade

Masters License 25/50/100 Ton

License Description

The Masters license allows the transport of passengers on an inspected passenger vessel. These vessels must have a Certificate Of Inspection (COI) which states the number of passengers allowed and area of operation.

Two types of licenses:

     Inland: May take passengers upon inland waters only

     Near Coastal: May take passengers up to 200 miles off shore

Eligibility Requirements:  USCG Application Age: 19 years old

Sea Experience: 

Inland Masters 25/50/100 Ton

  • 360 day underway on navigable waters
  • 90 days of the 360 must be within the last 3 years

Near Coastal Masters 25/50/100 Ton

  • 720 days underway
  • At least 360 days must be upon near coastal or ocean waters
  • At least 90 days must be within the last 3 years

* A “day” is defined as 4 or more hours away from the dock



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