200 GT Masters Upgrade

USCG approved upgrade to Master/Mate 200GT course is for mariners holding a license as Master, Mate or OUPV. The mariner must be able to show 360 days while holding a license. You will test with the Captain School Key West in lieu of the Coast Guard.

 The course will cover:

  • Safety Seamanship
  • General Ship Knowledge
  • Stability & Construction
  • Maritime Law and Ship’s Business
  • Communication and Electronic Navigation
  • Intro to Celestial Navigation
  • Advanced Navigation Plotting

General Requirements to upgrade:

  • Application
  • Current Medical Certificate
  • Drug Screen (if less than 6 months old) or proof of a random drug program.
  • Current First Aid/CPR
  • Valid TWIK card

Sea time requirements for Near Coastal:

Master 200 GT, Near coastal:

Sea Service requirement:  720 days.  360 or more must be offshore and 360 or more must have served as master/mate while holding a master/mate or OUPV license.

Most applicants will be increasing their scope from a Master’s license and will therefore have 720 days from their current licenses and they will need 360 additional days “while holding” that license.

Raising a grade from OUPV directly to 200 GRT, the new time could possibly total only 360 days. Since OUPV near coastal licenses require only 90 days offshore, the 360 new days may need to include up to 270 offshore days to meet the requirement of 720 total days with 360 of them offshore. In these instances, a Master 100 GRT upgrade course would also be required in addition to the 200 ton course.

Tonnage Calculations – Of the total sea service required (720 days), at least 180 of the days must have been over 100 GRT or 360 days over 67 GRT.

200GT Mate, Near Coastal – Total Sea Service Requirement:  360 DAYS of which 180 must have been offshore.

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